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FOR SALE: Lusitanos

  • SOLD - OLE 2018 Palomino mare out of Xprima Donna
  • SOLD - NOBRE- 2017 bay stallion out of Xerin CD
  • SOLD - NOTORIO - 2017 black stallion out of Pequina
  • SOLD - HERRAH - 2017 chestnut mare out of Topaz E
  • SOLD - LUZIDO - 2015 chestnut gelding
  • SOLD - ENIGMA - 2018 Black stallion out of Xdica CD
  • SOLD - ONYX- 2018 Black stallion out of Bandita
  • SOLD - ODYSSEY - 2018 Chestnut stallion out of Raposodia
  • SOLD - ORACLE - 2018 Bay stallion out of Victoria Mor
  • SOLD - OPERETTA - 2018 Bay mare out of Xerin CD

Brent (435) 660-6728

  • SOLD - ORA 2018 Buckskin mare out of Topaz E
  •  SOLD - PANTERA - 2019 Black stallion out of Xdica CD
  • SOLD - QUERIDA- 2020 Black mare out of Victoria Mor
  • SOLD - KARMA de PRETO - 2020 Buckskin gelding out of Bandita
  • SOLD - QUEST de PRETO - 2020 Black stallion out of Quilata E
  • SOLD - PANACHE de PRETO - 2020 Black stallion out of Topaz E by E-PRETO
  • SOLD - QUARTETO de HALCONERO - 2020 palomino stallion out of Xprima Donna CD (daughter of Quarteto do Top)
  • SOLD - DIOR de PRETO - 2020 Black S/P stallion out of Zaphrodite (daughter of Quarteto do Top)
  • SOLD:
    Phaedra Halconero
    2019 Lusitano Filly
    by Halconero
    out of Topaz E

    Phaedra (Greek for Bright) is beautiful inside and out! She adores people and loves to please!

    2019 filly by Halconero
    Phaedra Halconero
    Phaedra Halconero
    Phaedra 09-20-21
    Phaedra Halconero 2019 Lusitano filly
    Phaedra 07-09-2021 DSC_4645
    2018 Chestnut Lusitano Stallion by Halconero
    Odyssey de Halconero 13 months old
    2018 Chestnut Lusitano Stallion by Halconero
    2018 Lusitano Stallion


    This classy 2018 Chestnut Stallion is out of one of our best mares. Raposodia was imported from Portugal with a revision score of 77.

    Odyssey de Halconero is eligible for APSL Revision.  A really elegant colt with amazing movement.  


    Odyssey 4
    Odyssey 2
    Odyssey 1

    SOLD ~ Oracle de Halconero

    2018 Bay Stallion
    by Halconero - out of Victoria Mor

    Lusitano mare, Victoria Mor with her 2018 bay colt by Halconero
    Victoria Mor with 2018 Lusitano colt
    Lusitano 2018 bay colt by Halconero
    2018 Bay colt by Halconero
    Victoria Mor with Lusitano colt by Halconero
    Halconero x Victoria Mor


    2015 Chestnut Gelding
    Halconero x Topaz E
    IALHA #17802(P)

    Luzido is a super sweet colt and loves attention.  Quite a character actually!  Now 16 hands in 2018.

    Lusitano Gelding for Sale

    Luzido 30 days  training:

    Luzido goofing off

    The following photos show Luzido as a 2 year old at Jaz Ranch in Utah

    Luzido at Jaz Ranch
    Luzido at Jaz Ranch
    Luzido copy
    Lusitano gelding
    Lusitano Dressage Prospect
    Luzido at 2 years old
    Lusitano gelding by Halconero

    Luzido is an elegant mover, and a willing and fast learner.
    A first class dressage prospect !

    Out of Xprima Donna and by Halconero
    2018 Lusitano Filly


    2018 Palomino Filly
    Xprima Donna x Halconero
    Eligible for APSL Revision

    This beautiful filly is by Halconero and out of daughter of Quarteto do Top

    She is chocolate palomino now but her full sister, Illuminada, was the same color & shed out a golden palomino in her yearling year.  Chocolate or golden she is a beauty!


    SOLD:  A BAY BEAUTY out of Xerin CD, daughter of Quarteto do Top.
    Eligible for revision.

    Please view Xerin's 2017 colt, Nobre, below.


    Jaz Ranch Lusitano Bay Filly

    2018 Bay Filly (Xerin CD x Halconero) shown at two weeks old.

    2017 Bay Lusitano Stallion
    Halconero x Xerin CD

    Lusitano stallion
    Nobre de Halconero 07/01/2018 - 14 months old

    Nobre is a full brother to 16 hand Lirico and they could be clones!

    Their dam, Xerin CD (a daughter of Quarteto do Top) is ALSO for sale.  She is a consistent producer of beautiful foals with great dispositions, bone, and substance and great movement.

    Xerin sells in foal to E Preto for 2019.

    Bay Lusitano Stallion
    Nobre 07/01/2018

    formerly 'Nicia'
    2017 Chestnut Filly / Halconero x Topaz E

    Herrah is just under 15 hands at 15 months, and has the conformation & movement
    for an superb dressage prospect.  Nicia has a wonderful, friendly and brave disposition.

    2017 Lusitano Filly
    Nicia de Halconero - shown as a weanling in 2017
    2017 Lusitano filly - Nicia de Halconero
    Nicia de Halconero at 15 months
    2017 Lusitano Mare, Nicia de Halconero
    Nicia 09-03-2018

    Please click on left video to view 5 video segments showing Nicia's great mind.

    2015 Black Mare
    Halconero x Bandita

    Shown here as a weanling at a Lusitano exhibition in Del Mar California.

    Lusitano Black Mare
    Lia de Halconero - weanling

    Lia as a yearling in 2016

    "Oh - There is Brent"
    "Oh - There is Brent"
    "I better go see him......."
    "I better go see him......."
    "....and get a hug!"
    "....and get a hug!"