All AMERITANOS qualify as Aztecas -
but very few Aztecas qualify as AMERITANOS!

can be registered with IALHA - & the Azteca registry.

Ameritanos can compete in USDF &  IALHA events
as well as NRHA, NCHA, and many other events.

An AMERITANO is a special cross between a Portuguese Lusitano - and an NFQHA horse certified at 90% or higher.  If one parent is an IALHA S/P it must be a minimum of 75% Lusitano (no more than 25% Andalusian).

If you are looking for a great Using Horse that will be a joy to train and ride, the Ameritano (aka Azteca) may be the horse for you! Combining beauty, athleticism, and smooth graceful movement with natural cow sense the Ameritano will be an all around horse from working equitation to ranch horse.

Jaz Ranch has been a premier breeder of NFQHA Foundation Quarter Horses for 28 years ~ and we feel our NFQHA grulla mares are the perfect cross for our Lusitano stallion, E Preto - combining the best of both worlds. (Of course we are also still producing some NFQHA Foundation Quarter Horse babies!)

Our 2018 Ameritano (Azteca) foal crop by E Preto is here ~ all grullo & black !
1 black stallion - 3 Grullo stallions - 1 Grulla mare

2018 Ameritanos & Aztecas for Sale

Ameritano foals
2018 Ameritano foals
Jaz Silver Sage 2018 Ameritano
Sage's 2018 Ameritano Stud Colt

2018 Ameritanos

Jaz Ballou - 05/04/2018 Black Colt (Jaz SD Elita x E Preto)
Jaz Stellar - 05/09/2018 Grullo Colt (Jaz Sedona Silver x E Preto)
Jaz Valiant - 05/22/2018 Grullo Colt (Jaz Silver Sage x E Preto)
Jaz Cameo - 05/23/2018 Grulla Filly (Jaz So Sarita x E Preto)
SOLD - Jaz Matador 05/25/2018 Grullo Colt (Jaz Acero Mirage x E Preto)
Jaz Tital - 06/04/2018 Black Colt (Zaphrodite S/P x Jaz Poco Bravo)

2018 Lusitano Sport Horses

Jaz Dulce - 05/18/2918 Black Filly (Azure x E Preto)
Jaz Queen - 06/02/2018 Black Filly (Que Sera x E Preto)

Jaz Ranch Ameritano horses
Black Ameritano on right and Lusitano Sport Horse on left
As we hoped, our Ameritano babies are exhibiting the wonderful Foundation Quarter Horse disposition.

Two grullo AZTECA "A" mares for sale.

Jaz Dulce - Black 2018 Lusitano Sport Horse - FOR SALE

Jaz Dulce - 2018 Black Filly
Jaz Dulce - 2018 Black Filly

Dulce is a super sweet filly and a very pretty mover.  68.75% Lusitano (the balance is QH) and bred to go any direction from Dressage to Ranch Horse!

By E Preto (Lusitano) and out of Azteca 'A' , Jaz Azure, a daughter of Jaz Poco Bravo (100% NFQHA).

Jaz Knight - 2017 Lusitano Sport Horse Gelding FOR SALE

E Preto x Jaz Azure (Azteca 'A' mare)

Jaz Knight - 2017 Lusitano Sport Horse as a Yearling
Jaz Knight - 2017 Lusitano Sport Horse as a Yearling

Jaz Knight is a full brother to Jaz Dulce and just as sweet.  Shown as a yearling.

Wouldn't they make a pretty team !!
FOR SALE - Jaz Solare
2017 Apricot Dun Stallion

Sire: RF Tee J Steel Dust 100% NFQHA
Dam:  Zaphrodite (S/P)

photos by Jeanette Aumon

Ameritano Stallion
Jaz Solare 10/2018 - 2017 Ameritano Stallion
Jaz Solare - October 2018
Jaz Solare - October 2018
October 2018
October 2018
October 2018

SOLD - Mariachi - 2016 Ameritano Stallion

Mariachi 30 days training:

Ameritano stallion
Mariachi 2018
Ameritano 2016 stallion
Mariachi 2016 Ameritano stallion out of Zaphrodite
Jaz Ranch Ameritano stallion
Mariachi - 2016 Ameritano stallion 07/15/2018

MARIACHI - 2016 Ameritano stallion by RF Tee J Steel Dust (100% NFQHA) and out of Zaphrodite.
Mariachi is eligible for registration with IALHA & any of the Azteca registries.

Azure with 2018 Black Filly
Azure with 2018 Black Filly
Azure - In foal to E Preto
Azure - In foal to E Preto
Jaz Ranch Azteca A Grulla
FOR SALE: Azure - Azteca "A" Grulla mare still in winter coat.

FOR SALE Dam of Jaz Knight and Jaz Dulce:

Very rare - AZTECA 'A' Grulla 2012 broodmare in foal to Lusitano stallion, E Preto for a 2019 foal!  Pretty & sweet mare with lots of sexy hair! In foal to E Preto for 2019 black or grullo foal.  $8,000.00
Fantastic opportunity for an Azteca breeder to obtain an 'A' grulla mare.
Sire shown below: Jaz Poco Bravo (100% NFQHA).
Dam shown below: Zorafina (Azteca "B" registered with IALHA).

Brent (435) 660-6728

Azure's Dam:  Zorafina - Azteca 'B'
Azure's Dam: Zorafina - Azteca 'B'
Azure's Sire:  Jaz Poco Bravo - 100% NFQHA
Azure's Sire: Jaz Poco Bravo - 100% NFQHA
Azure's maternal granddam: Dax's Silver Moon - Azteca "D"
Azure's maternal granddam: Dax's Silver Moon - Azteca "D"
Armani copy

Above:  SOLD - E Preto's first Ameritano, Armani, a 2017 colt out of Jaz Ebon n Ash (100% NFQHA).  Armani is everything we hoped for in the cross.  Gorgeous, elegant, super smart and willing.  Now we just have to wait to see if he possesses the natural ability for the wide variety of events from dressage to working cow horse that we fully expect.


Above:  SOLD: Acero, Melissa's first Ameritano from Jaz Ranch, Cabalitto de Acero (Calido CD x Heflin's Steel Jaz) excelled at every turn and Melissa said he was the best horse she ever owned, so Armani has big horseshoes to fill!  Melissa and Ty Fowler have a huge working cow ranch where Armani will be put to the test on a myriad of tasks.

Lusitano Stallion E Preto

Our IALHA National Champion Lusitano stallion, E Preto, shown with his herd of NFQHA mares in 2018 - 4 100% NFQHA mares, 2 Jaz Aztecas, 1 S/p and 1 Lusitano!  Should be an exciting 2019!