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Established in 1989, Jaz Ranch has been involved in breeding, raising, training, exhibiting and exporting Foundation Quarter Horses for more than 2 decades. Jaz Ranch has produced horses working and showing in cutting, reining, team penning, and western pleasure.  We have had reserve world champion offspring as well as working and recreational horses.


Jaz Ranch raises NFQHA - National Foundation Quarter Horses with the Foundation attributes of Brains, Bone, Beauty, Disposition, & Versatility. At Jaz Ranch we specialize in offering Poco Bueno lines in grullo and black.


We recently begin breeding purebred LUSITANOS and a few AZTECAS in addition to our Foundation Quarter Horses.

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Current herd sires representing the Poco Bueno bloodlines:


Jaz Poco Bravo
2004 Grullo Stallion - 100% NFQHA
Poco Bueno Milagro x  Bains Showdown Dun

RF Tee J Steel Dust
2009 Silver Grullo Stallion —100% NFQHA
Double D Tough Stuff  x  Jaz Able

Brent Jensen & Gail Zscheile

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This started our country-wide search for mares with Poco Bueno and King breeding to cross on Pocos Gray Comet. We looked specifically for great mares with exemplary top and bottom sides, and have been especially interested in those with the Wagner Ranch breeding. Of course, we always look for those mare's whose color is conducive to breeding that beautiful grulla color. This search has lead us to the purchase of more than 17 good Poco Bueno granddaughters from all over the nation, and a triple bred Poco Bueno grandson, Little Steel Dust.

Through our breeding program we have become convinced that Poco and his foals are not flukes of nature, but the natural result of bloodlines that produce exceptionally quiet dispositions, rational minds, and great athletic ability in horses that you will look forward to spending your days with. Many of our "mail-order brides" are great working cow horses, even though they have been retired as brood mares for many years.

Our goal is to breed the foundation Quarter Horse that the AQHA was originally formed to protect. We prefer a minimum of 25% Poco Bueno bloodlines in our foals (they range from 26% to 50% Poco Bueno), and to be certified foundation by the National Foundation Quarter Horse Association at 95 to 100%, while preserving the grulla color. We raise good strong working horses, with good bone and feet, versatility, color, and a wonderful, willing disposition. The colts we raise are heavily muscled, and pretty headed, with good minds, and strong bones. We would love to talk to you about our babies, or yours.


All Jaz Ranch bred horses are Herda N/N


In 1986 Brent Jensen, and I (Gail Zscheile) bought our first Grulla Quarter horse from Troy Rose of the Rose Ranch in Slick Rock, Colorado. Rose, had at that time, been raising and selling horses for more than sixty years, and had decided to specialize in the grulla color "because they are easier to sell."

This started a long association with Rose, and when we first saw the grulla grandson of Poco Bueno, Poco's Gray Comet that he had bought we fell in love with the colt immediately.


Through the next five years of frequent visits to the Rose Ranch, we bought several horses, and enjoyed many experiences, including watching Troy and his friend Jack, walk out to Poco's Gray Comet and halter him after being out on the range with a band of mares all summer. Not only did this fantastic stallion let Troy catch him with ease after a summer spent free, he then jumped into the back of a 4-wheel drive pickup, and proceeded to let Jack crawl under him to hobble , all with his mares calling him from only 40 feet away, which helped get us hooked on the Foundation Quarter Horse disposition and mind.


It was in 1990 when Troy was forced to retire due to illness, that the Jaz Ranch officially got into the business of breeding grulla Quarter horses. Brent and I purchased all of the Rose Ranch's brood stock, including the grandson of Poco Bueno, Pocos Gray Comet. By that time we could already see how well the young stallion was crossing on our newly acquired band of mares. The impression that Pocos Gray Comet made on us motivated us to explore the foundation lines of King and Poco Bueno, While researching his breeding, we soon came to the conclusion that the wonderful disposition expounded upon by so many other owners of Poco bloodlines, was literally "in the blood."

Our breeding program has always been to breed for an outstanding DISPOSITON first and foremost.

CONFORMATION being that of the original quarter horse or bulldog build. PEDIGREE...all our horses are certified by NFQHA and range from 95 to 100 % of the original quarter horse that AQHA was founded for, and most carry at least the blood of a grand get of the great Poco Bueno. Then if we are lucky color. We strive for the grulla, dun, and black colors.

If you are looking for that special filly or stud to become part of your breeding program.

Or if you are looking for the horse to become one of your best friends we invite you to give us a call.

Perhaps on of the finest compliments to our breeding program is over 90% of the horses we have sold are still owned by the original buyers (as per AQHA records 2005).

Jaz SD Chicaro—SOLD

2010 Grullo Stud Colt

Why a JAZ horse? 

2011 Red Dun Colt—SOLD

Glorious Jaz x RF Tee J Steel Dust

2011 Red Dun Colt  - Sold

Jaz Poco Chespa x RF Tee J Steel Dust

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